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"Mainzer Studentinnen stellen in Frankfurt [...] aus"


Frankfurter Allgemeine Ray 2018 , Erwähnung




Arno Rafael Minkkinen während der NEXUS Ausstellung: 






Laura De Luca's vision belongs to a growing chorus against cold formality in photography, something one might call “Nein Sachlichkeit." In this exhibition, she uses the medium to examine life’s most extreme moment, the one experience we can never share with anyone because no one can say, “I just died.” Or can we? 


I wake up early and see a floating rock off the shore of the pond we live on. But there are no rocks in that area of the pond. And rocks don’t float. So maybe it’s just the swan enjoying breakfast. Twenty seconds later,no sleek neck, no black-billed head rising up for air. Better go down and take a closer look. There in the cloudy liquid, carrying a blanket of flies on its back, sure enough, the thing of beauty now only bobs in the waves. I rush into the house to let my wife know the swan is dead. A profound sense of sadness fills the room, we are almost on the verge of tears. What a graceful creature, coming to our shore to die. My wife wants to check firsthand. Coming back, she exclaims, “Did you see the tail? That’s no swan. It’s a beaver.” We pour morning coffee and go about our agendas as a creeping sense of shame overtakes us. Why are our tears reserved only for a thing of beauty and not for the demise of a well-intentioned, powerful, almost primitive beast?


Which brings me to another swan from decades past, stuck in an ever-shrinking puddle of ice water as winter moved in too fast over the frozen pond. One bitterly cold morning, unable to sleep, worrying that the swan would be shackled to death by the ice, I focused my binoculars to see it alive perhaps for the last time, beautifully backlit in the morning sun, not an ounce of floatable water left, when all of a sudden and with great determination, one webbed foot after the other plops up on the hard, gleaming ice, wings start flapping, and off it takes like a jet plane into the wild, blue yonder. "                                                       

                                                                                                                                                                   Arno Rafael Minkkinen, 2018